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Unarmed security jobs for felons

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WebJan 11,  · Felons who aren’t allowed to possess firearms can apply for unarmed agent positions. There are many other positions ex-felons may be eligible for. How Much Does . WebA security guard job is a better option for a felon in the United States. Such a job does not necessitate further education or degrees. Furthermore, such positions also do not necessitate extensive training or practice. .

Unarmed security jobs for felons

Find felon friendly jobs in private security. Applying For a Private Security Job school security guards, unarmed security guards, and so on. You might be wondering if ex-convicts can be hired as security guard. Yes. See the complete list of security guard companies that hire felons.

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How I Got A Government Clearance as A Convicted Felon

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A security guard job is considered as a redemption of his previous crime as well. That's why most felons prefer choosing security guard jobs after imprisonment. Unarmed Security Officer jobs in Dallas, TX ; Ameritex Guard Services. Dallas, TX. $14 an hour. Part-time. 8 hour shift +3. Additional job details. Night shift.

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WebDec 15,  · Felons who want to obtain a security guard license can apply to the Public Safety Commissioner in their state. Some states offer a certificate to felons that want to . WebA security guard is responsible for the safety of a building. Security guards also protect people inside or around the building. You patrol the building or area by walking or driving. .

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